Owning and operating offshore and onshore rigs
Jack-Up Rigs operation management has been known as one of the core competencies of Drilling Division.  All of the Jack-Up Rigs, which are operated by an experienced, skilled and dedicated team, has achieved an absolute safety performance since the very first days of operation. Besides that, with 98% of efficiency operation, the Jack-Up Rigs has contributed to the success of drilling activities towards Contractor’s missions to create added value for clients by delivery a high quality services to their drilling campaigns.

Land Rig
Aim to expand the business globally, PetroVietNam Drilling and Well Service Corporation has built and inaugurated the land rig PV Drilling 11. Since then, PVD has officially commenced the drilling campaign for the contractor Groupement Bir Saba in Algeria. The rig is designed and equipped with specialized equipment in order to work on those wells with pressure formation in the harsh desert environment. In 2012, PV Drilling 11 has achieved one year safety award and it also reach 99% of performance for the working year. This is a significant achievement that PV Drilling has obtained in such harsher working environment compared to other Jack-up rigs.
Semi - Submersible Rig

The first TAD in the world, named SSDT – 800, was built and developed by KFELS in 1994 and up to now KFELS has delivered such seven units with the latest model named SSDT 3600E, all of which have been deployed in both shallow and deep waters off Southeast Asia and West Africa. PV Drilling V is the 8th TAD in the world which is the latest generation of its kind with state-of-the-art technology and could be considered as the most modern Tender Assist Drilling Rig with the SSDT 3600E HP design. Developed by Keppel O&M’s Deepwater Technology Group (DTG), the KFELS SSDT 3600E design has revolutionized the way in which drilling tenders work, allowing them to be deployed next to deep water floating platforms  for the first time. Besides that, it is an enhanced design for harsher environment such as offshore in Vietnam, Southeast Asia, West Asia, Central Europe and Mexico Bay.
SSDT 3600E HP is also the first design with high-tech applications that enables PVD V to work on the High Pressure High Temperature wells by its BOP control system that has working pressure up to 15.000 psi (equal approximately 1020 atm), which are current challenge for the drilling industry. In addition, PV Drilling V is known as the first TAD Rig in the world that built with the rig’s load up to 1.500.000 lbs so that it is capable of operating at 30.000 ft (9100 m) Max Drill Depth at the Water Depth up to 4000 ft (1200 m).
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