Lifeboat, Life Raft – Save and Be Safe

Lifeboat and Life Raft are undeniably the most important maritime safety tools that are positioned on all sorts of ships, rigs, platforms and other marine-related structures. It is designed, manufactured and equipped to save your life and to prevent accidents which causes injuries and even fatalities to crew members.

In fact, each year every raft and boat is affected by a wide range of elements which will accelerate the natural aging process of its components. In recent years the global Maritime Industry has suffered a number of accidents related to lifeboat and life raft. Early this year, a tragic accident resulted in five dead when the lifeboat plunged into the sea off the Thomson Majesty Cruise Ship in the Santa Cruz de la Palma Port in Canary, Spain during its routine safety drill, was another wake-up call and a warning message for a so-called preventive maintenance and sufficient crew training.

Therefore, as per requirement of latest regulations of International Maritime Organization (IMO) and manufacturers’ recommendation, lifeboats and life raft regular inspection and maintenance are critical. This will ensure that your ship safety equipment will operate, perform properly as designed and will increase the life expectancy of your raft and boat.

Furthermore, the IMO has issued the guidance relating to the safe servicing and maintenance of lifeboat and life raft. The inspection and certification services should be in accordance with SOLAS regulations for the goal of ensuring that ship crew personnel will be able to safely embark and launch the lifeboat and life raft during emergency. Especially when the IMO’s MSC Circular 1206 has been passed, those services are mandatory for all SOLAS ships and must be carried out by manufacturer-trained and approved technician or authorized service companies every year/5 years.

At PVD Training, besides maritime equipment operations training, we also provide full or partial life-saving appliance services including inspections, testing, maintenance and re-certification in accordance with either ABS, Lloyds, DNV or VR, in particular for Lifeboats, Rescue boats, launching appliances, On-load released gears and Davit’s winch brakes of various global manufacturers following IMO & LSA guidelines.  Services are performed by a team of qualified engineers and skilled technicians strongly committed to fulfill the service needs of our clients; of course, well-trained and certified by international reliable manufacturers.

Life-saving appliances can save, but they can also hurt, or even kill due to poor maintenance and lack of crew training. However, such accidents can be avoidable and preventable through adequate knowledge of equipment operation, proper procedures and effective maintenance plan to follow, and of course, the involvement and awareness of every individual.
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