The Fleet
PV Drilling’s Jack-up Rigs are a KFELS MOD V B class Jack-up capable of operating in water depths up to 300 - 400 feet. Top Drive NOV-TDS-8SA & TDS-8SA-750T, 3000 - 3450 HP National Draw works NOV/ADS-10T Automated Draw works System, VFD, 14-P-220 Mud Pumps, Amphion Drilling System are used to obtain maximum drilling depth up to 25,000 ...
“PV Drilling 11” is a VFD type rig capable of operating under Ambient temperature cnditions between 0° and 50° to obtain maximum drilling depth up to 23,000 feet. PV Drilling 11 is continuously drilling for the developed oil & gas field MOM-3 of PVEP in Algeria.
The first TAD in the world, named SSDT – 800, was built and developed by KFELS in 1994 and up to now KFELS has delivered such seven units with the latest model named SSDT 3600E, all of which have been deployed in both shallow and deep waters off Southeast Asia and West Africa. PV Drilling V is the 8th TAD in the world which is the latest ...
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