Since its foundation, the successful establishment and application of the HSEQ management system according to international standards in PV Drilling’s business activities has been considered one of the most important goals as well as the key to its mission of providing high quality drilling and drilling-related technical services at competitive prices. With strong commitment from the Top Management, HSEQ management system according to international standards has been successfully established and applied at PV Drilling since 2003, through the obtainment of international certificates for management system, such as:

PV Drilling’s HSEQ management system is methodically managed in the entire Corporation, from the Head quarter to all its divisions and subsidiaries, to ensure the consistency of the system. HSEQ Division has the responsibility for establishing the policies and procedures for the integrated management system, as well as directly monitoring its implementation and compliance. HSEQ Division is also responsible for advising the Top Management on the development of the HSEQ Management System, in accordance with the business activities, compliance with legal requirements and making a contribution to the sustainable development of the Corporation.

At the subsidiary level, the HSEQ department has the responsibility for the implementation of the policies and procedures of the Corporation effectively and efficiently, as well as for the development and maintenance of its own HSEQ management system to comply with the requirements of the applicable standards while optimizing the process management in accordance with the specific requirements of its own production and business activities. By voluntarily applied the HSEQ management system, in addition to the customer-oriented and environmental protection objectives, PV Drilling's Top Management has well demonstrated their commitment to create a safe working environment for all PV Drilling’s employees.

PV Drilling’s employees are all committed to the principles set forth in the Corporation’s Safety - Health - Environment - Quality Policy. This is an important task of each member of PV Drilling, in the process of doing their job, ensuring safe work, creating high-quality products and services to satisfy customers' requirements, and at the same time, well protecting the environment.