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PV DRILLING I rig completes drilling campaign in the Gulf of Thailand

PV DRILLING I jack up rig of Petrovietnam Drilling and Well Service Corporation (PV Drilling) has successfully completed its drilling campaign for Northern Gulf Petroleum Pte. Ltd (NGP) in the Gulf of Thailand. This campaign was highly appreciated by the client for our capability in service provision.

PV Drilling started to provide PV DRILLING I rig to NGP from October 10, 2023 in accordance with an initial 60-day drilling contract. In reality, the drilling campaign was extended to complete all the chosen wells and officially ended on January 9, 2024. With this drilling campaign, PV Drilling successfully proved our capability in service provision of Slim-hole drilling technology as well as proudly contributed to the client’s achievement of “World’s fastest offshore oilfield development”.

Slim-hole, a modern drilling technology which is predominantly favoured in the Gulf of Thailand’s oil and gas market as it helps manage drilling cost by minimizing number and size of wellbore diameters, thereby accelerating drilling speed and improving well completion. In addition, this technology also offers other benefits such as simplifying well completion work, using smaller platforms, improving recovery factors and significantly reducing logistics as well as other minor unnecessary costs…

Accordingly, PV Drilling successfully applied Slim-hole drilling technology for NGP’s wells and helped NGP produce its first oil barrel in early November 2023 as planned. More importantly, the Rig was operated with Zero LTI achievements and its efficiency of 99%. This success definitely contributed to enhance PV Drilling's practical experience and competitiveness in Slim-hole drilling technology. Following the drilling campaign in Thailand, PV DRILLING I was mobilized to Malaysia to prepare for a new drilling long-term contract with Petronas in Malaysian waters.

PV DRILLING I drilled at the Gulf of Thailand.

PV DRILLING I is our first jack up rig. Since its first days of inauguration in 2007, the Rig has accumulated over 16 years of safe operation. In May, 2023, it was voted as "Years Recordable Free Offshore Rig" by the International Association of Drilling Contractors - Southeast Asia (IADC - SEAC). In addition to drilling capabilities, safety achievements and strict maintenance periods, PV DRILLING I is also considered a symbol of "good fortune" and clients' first-choice for service provision.

The success of the drilling campaign in Thailand will be an important foundation for PV Drilling to increase  its market share in drilling and well technical services abroad in 2024, continuing to realize the vision "To be an internationally reputable and reliable drilling contractor and drilling-related services provider in the oil and gas industry ", at the same time promoting the brand of a Vietnamese drilling contractor at international markets by drilling efficiently, safely and bringing more added values to clients.

PV Drilling's PR Team.