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PV DRILLING III - Contract Kick-off Meeting - Gearing Up for The Major Drilling Program of PT Pertamina Hulu Energi Offshore Northwest Java

On March 6, 2024, PV Drilling along with partner PT Jimmulya, have participated in the Contract Kick-off Meeting Jack Up PV Drilling III No. 4710007987 organized by PT Pertamina Hulu Energi Offshore Northwest Java (PHE ONWJ) in the city of Bandung, Indonesia. This important event was conducted to mark our milestone prior shift to operation preparation. The objective of this meeting is to address PHE ONWJ’s policy and operation procedure as well as have an update of PV Drilling III’s latest status to prepare for the mobilization and operation of the jack-up rig PV DRILLING III rig for the firm 3-year plus optional 2-year drilling program for both PHE ONWJ and PHE OSES in the Northwest Java and Southeast Sumatra regions, scheduled to commence from early 2025.

Representatives from Pertamina EP, PHE ONWJ, PV Drilling and Jimmulya attended the Contract Kick-off Meeting for PV DRILLING III

The event had the participation of Mr. Jufrihadi, Senior Manager in charge of Drilling and Well Intervention at Region 2 Pertamina EP, Mr. Bayu Arie Punto Adi, Drilling Manager at PHE ONWJ, Mr. Dinh Quang Nhut, Vice President of PV Drilling, Mr. William Gomez, Director of PT Jimmulya, and representatives from all functional departments. During the Meeting, the parties focused on exchanging detailed information to prepare the specific action plan for the provision of the rig PV DRILLING III in the drilling program of PHE ONWJ and PHE OSES.

As the largest client of PV Drilling in Indonesia, PHE ONWJ currently utilizes the jack-up rig PV DRILLING II in the Northwest Java Sea, Indonesia. This region plays a crucial role in Indonesia's annual strategy for oil and gas exploration and production. Mr. Jufrihadi mentioned that in the near future, PHE ONWJ plans to intensify exploration and drilling activities in this area, deploying additional drilling rigs successively from Q3/2024, with an anticipated total of 4 jack-up rigs by early 2025. PHE ONWJ hopes that PV Drilling will continue its efforts to maintain the safe and efficient operation of both PV DRILLING II and PV DRILLING III rigs, collaborating closely with PHE ONWJ to successfully achieve the target of oil and gas production. Such targets are also major milestones aligned with the expectations of Pertamina EP as well as SKK Migas.

On behalf of PV Drilling, Mr. Dinh Quang Nhut, Vice President, expressed gratitude to the management of Pertamina EP and PHE ONWJ for the solid trust and continuous support extended to PV Drilling/Jimmulya since the first day of cooperation until now. PV Drilling is committed to undertaking the required preparations and mobilizing all necessary resources to ensure the efficient and safe operation of the PV DRILLING III rig for PHE ONWJ in the year 2025.


Mr. Dinh Quang Nhut presented the model of PV DRILLING III to Mr. Jufrihadi as gesture of appreciation

After almost 2 years of operations in Indonesia, PV Drilling has established a strong presence and developed good relationships with its clients, enhancing the brand reputation of PV Drilling in this critical market. With the simultaneous operation of both PV DRILLING II and PV DRILLING III in Indonesia in the coming period, PV Drilling is poised to become one of the largest drilling contractors in Indonesia from 2025 onward.

PV Drilling's PR Team.