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PV DRILLING V rig honoured with 'Rig of the year' award in Brunei

The tender assist semi-submersible TAD - PV DRILLING V rig of Petrovietnam Drilling and Well Service Corporation (PV Drilling) has recently been honoured with the "Rig of the Year 2023" award for platform category currently providing services to Shell Global, and the 'One Year Goal Zero' achievement for outstanding performance in Health – Safety – Security - Environment (HSSE) in 2023.

The TAD – PV DRILLING V rig started to serve Brunei Shell Petroleum’s (BSP) drilling campaign on January 28, 2022 in Brunei in accordance with a 6-year fixed contract and another 4-year extension. In the first year of operation in Brunei, despite facing numerous challenges such as language barriers, legal differences, local regulatory systems, local policies, client business practices, and in particular the extremely strict safety requirements from BSP, PV Drilling has made concerted efforts to perform the drilling campaign and complete 2 wells ahead of schedule. As a result, TAD Rig was voted "Runner-up" in the platform category currently providing services to Shell Global. In an effort to surpass its own achievements, in 2023 the Rig climbed to "No. 1", earning the title of "Rig of the Year” from Shell Global.

The TAD - PV DRILLING V rig is currently drilling in Brunei.

These remarkable accomplishments resulted from continuous efforts of the crew’s in 2023’s operation, which was recorded on BSP’s data system, remarkably: safe operation with Zero LTI achievements (without lost time incident) along with a significant reduction in incident reports compared to 2022, rig downtime to address issues accounted for only 0.13% of the total time, a notable decrease from 2.54% in 2022; efficient operation with four wells completed ahead of schedule, as compared to two wells in 2022; at the same time improving rig efficiency through initiatives of rig crew, increasing automation, enhancing online processes; complying with the commitment to increase the proportion of local personnel in accordance with the signed contract; reducing the turnover rate of local staff from 18% in 2022 to 4.7% in 2023; carrying out all required training courses as specified by BSP.

Other achievements can be mentioned as the successful 4-1/2" Liner to a depth of 6,107m, recorded by BSP as the longest 4-1/2" Liner in Brunei. In addition, the Rig also successfully performed 24-hour anchor handling during rig moving, helping to save operation time. Previously, anchor handling was only carried out at daytime. Besides, at the ceremony "One million initiatives – Difficulty overcoming, Creation and Determination to win Covid-19 pandemic”, Vietnam General Confederation of Labour awarded a group of engineers from PVD Drilling Division the Certificate of Initiative for the "Design and fabrication of the force oil feed lubrication system for fairleaders of Anchor Mooring system". This initiative was applied on PV DRILLING V Rig from January 2022, which brought back economic benefits to the Corporation and affirmed the creativity and overcoming difficulties of the operations team.

PV Drilling received a Certificate of Initiative at the ceremony "One million initiatives – Difficulty overcoming, Creation and Determination to win Covid-19 pandemic”

Regarding manpower training and annually increasing proportion of local manpower in accordance with the signed contract provision, PV Drilling had to flexibly implement many solutions to meet this target as the Brunei drilling market was quite small with a shortage number of experienced local staff while there was a sharp increase in rigs operating at this market, PV Drilling, on one hand enhanced new recruitment; on the other hand, focused on training so that new members could quickly qualify to undertake their scope of work, ensuring the commitments with BSP client.

In addition to the drilling campaign with various achievements in Brunei, BSP visited and took a walkabout at PV Drilling's offices and production bases in Vietnam in March 2023 to conduct a comprehensive assessment and was completely satisfied with the Corporation's facilities as well as the capability and quality of service provision.

PV DRILLING V in particular and PV Drilling Corporation in general have been providing deep water drilling services with international premium quality and various remarkable achievements, affirming the capability in service provision of a Vietnamese drilling contractor at overseas markets. In the upcoming period, PV Drilling aims to continue to safely and effectively perform BSP’s drilling campaign for the current contract valid until 2028 with another 4-year extension. Particularly, the Corporation plans to promote its technical innovation initiatives, increasingly apply latest sci-tech products, automation on rig operation, upgrade other offline activities for the rig fleet to save operation time, cost and bring more added values to clients, thereby enhancing our brand reputation and providing additional drilling and well technical services in Brunei.

"One Year Goal Zero in 2023" Certifice of Merit. 

The tender assist semi-submersible drilling rig, TAD - PV DRILLING V was newly-built and put into operation in 2011, aiming to seize deep water drilling job opportunities in Vietnam, which was mainly operated by foreign drilling contractors previously; in the meanwhile, affirming a Vietnamese drilling contractor's ability and protecting maritime sovereignty.

The first project of PV DRILLING V rig is Bien Dong 01 at Hai Thach - Moc Tinh field, located in the Nam Con Son basin. Drilling in this water area required completely strictly technical and technological standards as the Rig had to drill at the water depth of 145m, in high pressure anomalies and complex geological conditions. For the whole project, the Rig successfully drilled a total of 16 wells with outstanding achievements such as Zero LTI for 4 consecutive years (without lost time incident) and Zero Environmental Impact for almost 6 consecutive years (no negative impact on the environment).


PV Drilling's PR Team.