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PV Drilling won prestigious awards at 2023 Vietnam Listed Company Conference

On the afternoon of 15th December, 2023, at the 16th Vietnam Listed Company Award Ceremony – 2023 Vietnam Listed Company Conference, Petrovietnam Drilling and Well Service Corporation (PV Drilling) was honored to receive Top 20 Best Annual Reports, non-financial category (ranking No. 3) and Top 10 Best Corporate Governance, large cap category (ranking No. 5).

Vietnam Listed Company Awards, previously known as Vietnam Annual Report Awards, is an annual event jointly organized by the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HOSE), Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX), Vietnam Investment Review with the specialized support from valuable partners such as IFC, ACCA, Deloitte, EY, KPMG, PwC, etc.

The whole conference.

2023 Vietnam Listed Awards attracted the participation of hundreds of listed companies, in which more than 50 excellent businesses in information transparency were chosen to be honored. This year, candidates were divided into 2 categories: financial and non-financial with the target to make the assessment scale as detailed as possible. Accordingly, PV Drilling continued to be honored at Top 20 Best Annual Reports, non – financial category (ranking No. 3) and Top 10 Best Corporate Governance – large cap category (ranking No. 5).

PV Drilling received the award of Top 20 Best Annual reports, non-financial category.

PV Drilling’s annual report, an annual publication, was first publicized in 2009 and continuously received many prestigious awards for 16 years accompanied with this award ceremony. This publication has always been conducted beautifully both in its form and content so that the Corporation can provide fully and widely its business operation activities to the investors and shareholders. We not only complied with all mandatory principles specified by laws but also actively performed such globally good practices as ASEAN Scorecards, G20, OECD, etc. in order to build a credible corporate governance framework and easily adapt with international business environment.

Top 20 Best Annual Reports in 2023, non-financial category.

Another significant achievement at PV Drilling is ESG activity, which has been taken into consideration and implementation right after its first days of operation. All activities at workshops, offices, on the rigs, etc. have been inspected and supervised by internal and external audits, both periodical and unannounced in order to ensure the highest results. Our recent environment protection projects can be mentioned such as the replacement of fluorescent bulbs with LED lights on the owned rig fleet to reduce electricity consumption, decrease CO2e, greenhouse gas emission and create a friendly-working environment. Specifically, by using LED lights, it is estimated that PV Drilling will reduce both fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emission, respectively of 1.6 million kWh/year and 1,700 tons CO2e/year. Together with the application of MAESTRO into the TAD – PV DRILLING V rig, PV Drilling will continue to reduce 7% of fuel consumption and 1,800 tons of CO2e annually. Additionally, PV Drilling started to implement the 5-year tree planting campaign in 2023, in response to the Government’s call of joint planting one billion trees for the sake of the green country.

PV Drilling received the award of Top 10 Best Corporate Governance – large cap category.

Besides, PV Drilling has been enhancing our R&D activities to find out effective projects with reduction of energy consumption and negative environmential effect to put into operation while still ensuring the safety and efficiency in drilling activities. In particular, specialized applications also helps PV Drilling to monitor the amount of energy, fuel consumption as well as emission level; thereby, to find effective measures in reducing fuel consumption and protecting the environment.  

Top 10 Best Corporate Governance – large cap category.

With all past achievements and the innovative thinking, in 2024 PV Drilling plans to improve corporate governance and business performance, creating a breakthrough in the long-term sustainable growth strategy, increasing competitiveness in international markets; in the meantime, contributing to upgrading Vietnam’s stock market in the upcoming time.

PV Drilling's PR Team.