The fleet

The fleet


The PV DRILLING 11 land rig was designed and built by HONGHUA Ltd, one of China's leaders in the industry of designing and building of high performance drilling rigs. The land rig is equipped with specialized machinery capable of operating in the harshest environmental conditions of the desert. The main drilling system is mainly provided by National Oilwell Varco (NOV) and other prestigious Chinese companies.

The rig is capable of to obtain maximum drilling depth up to 23,000 feet (approximately 7,000 m of drilling depth).

It possesses the office and housing system designed and manufactured in Italy, capable of providing accommodation and working space for 130 people at the same time.

General Description
Rig name/type PV Drilling 11/ Electric VFD Rig
Built/ year HONGHUA/ 2007
Rig rated depth 5,000m – 7,000m for nominal drilling DP 5”
Traveling system 6 × 7 (sheaves)
Available height of derrick 150 ft
Rig floor demension/ Height of drilling floor 40 ft × 42 ft / 30 ft
Openning diameter of rotary table F 37 ½ inch
Rated input power of drawworks 2720 HP or 2,000KW
Capacity of mud pump 1600HP or 1193 KW
Power transfer type AC, VFD
Accommodation 150 persons
Drilling Equipment
Mast Model: JJ 450/45-K11: Type II consist of five sections. 150 ft clear height
Top span (Front x side) 2.2m x 2.2.m
Bottom span (Front x side) 9m x 2.7m
Max hook load 450t or 1,210,000 lbs
Racking platform Designed for 03 different heights: 24.5m, 25.5m, 26.5m away from Drill floor surface.
Racking board 7000m (5’’ DP/HWDP 250 stands including DC)
10 stands of: 6’’ DC
10 stands of: 9 ½’’ DC
Drawworks 2720 HP or 2,000 KW, Hong Hua Ltd/ JC 70DB-01
Driven by two AC VF motor
Max pull fast line: 485 KN
Wire rope: F 38mm
Air cool hydraulic disc brake: PS80
Crown block Model: TC450-7
Max hook load: 450 KN (450t)
OD of sheave: 1524mm
Diameter of Drilling line: F 38mm
No. of Sheave: 7
No. of sand line sheave: 1
Diameter of sand line: F 14.5mm
Travelling block Model: YC450
Max static load: 4500KN (450t)
OD of sheave: 1524mm
No. of sheave: 6
Rotary table Model: ZP375
Table opening Diameter: 37 ½”
Max static load: 5850KN
Max speed: 300 RPM
Rate power: 600 Volt
Gear ratio: 3.56
Kelly Hex kelly/ 5 ¼’’, 3 ½’’
Topdrive Model: NOV/TDS-11SA/Electrical/800HP.
Hoisting capacity: 500 ton
Output torque continuous: 37,500 ft-lb (800 HP)
Tool torque (intermittent @ stall): 55,000 ft-lb
Max speed: 228 RPM
Drilling motor: AC 575 VAC (2 x 400 hp)
Make up torque: 47,000 ft.lbs
Break out torque: 55,000 ft.lbs
Mud pumps Model: HHF 1600
Input power: 1600 HP (1193 KW)
Max Cylinder diameter: 7”
Length of stroke: 12”
Rate No. of stroke: 120 SPM
Three triplex single acting piston, HHF - 1600
Solid control Shale shaker: FCL-2000-3/rated 525 GPM
De-sander: DSV-10-3 /rated 1280 GPM
De-silter: S-416-S/rated 1280 GPM
Degasser: FLO 1200 /4m3/m
Mud cleaner: FLC-2000
BOP’s stack Shaffer 21 ¼” BOP 2,000 WP including:
01 Annular 2,000 WP.
01 double Ram 2,000 WP.
Shaffer 13 5/8” BOP 10,000 WP including:
01 Annular 5,000 WP
01 Double Ram 10,000 WP.
01 Single Ram 10,000 WP.
Comply with lifting BOP SWL: 2 x 30 Ton
Trip pump Model: SB3’’ × 4’’-11
No. of Pump: 2 set
Rate capacity: 81 m3/h
BOP control system Type: FKQ 960-7
Accumulator: 24 Pcs, 11 gallons/bottle
Including: 01 triplex pump and 02 air pumps
Working pressure: 3,000 PSI.
Total: 264 gallons
Guangchau Petroleum China/ FKQ 960-7, 3000 psi
Choke line Make: Shaffer/Cameron Valves.
Working pressure: 3,000 PSI - 10,000 PSI
Working medium: Oil (gas), Mud, H2S, CO2
Main bore size: 3 1/16”, 4 1/16”
According with API 6A, 16C.
Make: Varco/NOV
Connection range OD: 4 ¼” – 8 ½”
Handle Drill Pipe OD: 3 ½” – 6 5/8”
Spin speed: 90 rpm
Max Hydraulic pressure: 2,500 psi
Make up torque max: 60,000 ft-lb.
Break out torque max: 80,000 ft-lb.
Turn able type.
Storeage Capacities
Diesel fuel No. of Tank: 2 tanks/80 m3/tank
Total: 160 m3
Transfer pump: 2.2 kW
Drilling water No. of Tank: 2 tanks/80 m3/tank
Total: 160 m3
Transfer pump: 7.5 kw
Mud tank 2,500 bbls
Power Equipment
Generator Type: SR4B
No. of Gen: 04 set (01 back up).
Capacity: 1714 KVA
Rate voltage: 600 VAC
AC distribution/ transformer ABB/AC S800, transformer SUNTEN/ SC B9-1600, 600VAC/380VAC
Emergency generator Diesel/380V/50HZ/400 KVA/ CAT 3406-01
Diesel 4 set CAT 3512B DITA
POWER SLIP PS-21 Make: Varco/NOV
Working pressure max: 2,500 psi
Pipe size: 2 3/8” – 14”
Pipe weight: 500 ton
Fits into: 37 ½” Varco/NOV RT
Max back up torque: 45,000 ft-lb
Max back up torque on locks: 120,000 ft-lb
Rated hoist capacity 12 T
Type QY50B Truck crane
Max. total rated lifting load 50 tons