The fleet

The fleet


The jack-up PV DRILLING VI is the latest generation of its kind and the upgrade version of MOD V B CLASS design of Keppel FELS. Officially completed and launched in Feb 2015, PV DRILLING VI is capable of drilling up to 30,000ft at the water depth of 400ft with the extreme cantilever load of 2,500 kips and other advanced technical features. All facilities and equipment onboard are furnished and commisionned by prestigious manufacturers including National Oilwell Varco, Siemens, Catepillar, Favelle Favco, etc. to ensure the highest reliability and minimum downtime. Under the ownership of a joint-venture between PV Drilling and other prestigious Singapore-based partners, PV DRILLING VI has the strategic mission to provide premium drilling services to clients in the regional and global markets.

General Description
Rig name/ Type

PV DRILLING VI/ Independent legs, Cantilever, Jack-Up




KFELS Singapore/2015



Overall Dimension

234ft × 208ft × 25ft

Legs 517ft
Cantilever capacitiy Max.distance from rear of barge to center line of well 70ft.
Well pattern retangular 30ft × 70ft.
Max load 2,500kips
Helideck 83.17ft dia., max helicopter weight 13 MT
Sikorsky S-61N, S92 and MI-17
Water depth 400ft
Accommodation 150 persons
Max drill depth 30,000ft
Operating conditions Max wave height 26ft, corresponding wave period 10.3 sec.
Current at surface 2.97 Knot, max wind speed 70 Knot.
Current at 154ft below surface & mud line 1.36 Knot.
Storm conditions

Max wave height 33ft, corresponding wave period 11.6 sec.
Current at surface 3.49 Knot, max wind speed 100 Knot.
Current at 23ft below surface & mud line 1.75 Knot.

Drilling Equipment
Static hook load capacity 1,500,000lbs w/14 drill lines of 1-5/8”
With of base 36 × 36ft base;; Width of top 18ft x18ft; clear working height 160ft
Racking platform 259 stands of 5-1/2” DP, 16 stands of 8-1/4’’ DC, 19 stands of 5-1/2” HWDP
Drawwork 3000HP (NOV/ADS-10T Automated Drawwork System)
Driven by 03 high torque motors x 1150HP/ea
c/w two (2) single speed gear boxes, wireline drum and two (2) plate disc brakes for parking and emergency brake.
Top drive NOV/TDS-8SA-750 T 62,250 ft-lbs continuous
Rotary table 1 x RST/ NOV 49 ½’’ Hydraulic,
750kips dynamic/ 1,500kips static load
Iron roughneck 01 x NOV/ AR3200M-Power Turnable for well-center & 01 x NOV/ ST-120 for offline stand-building, tubular range from 3-1/2’’ to 10’’ OD Max. MU & BO torque 100,000 ft/lbs & 120,000 ft/lbs.
Mud pumps 3 x Triplex NOV 14-P-220, 5’’ x 10’’ Discharge/suction line ID, max. input 2,200hp, 7,500 psi
c/w 2 x 1150 hp AC High torque motor
Solid control 5 x NOV/ Brandt-VSM300 . Total capacity of 1,600 gpm.
Dessander: 1 x NOV/Brandt Centrifugal 1,500gpm
Desilter: 1 x NOV/Brandt Centrifugal 1,500gpm
Degasser: 2 x NOV/Brandt-DG-10/12 vacuum type 1,000 gpm
Mud cleaner: 1 x 1,500 gpm
BOP’s stack 1 x NOV Shaffer 18-3/4’’ NXT-M, 15,000 psi, H2S rated, (C/w Flanged test stump & pump). c/w:
1 x 10,000 psi, 18-3/4" annular BOP
1 x 18-3/4" double, 15,000 psi: Upper VBR rams and Lower shear rams with shear booster
1 x 18-3/4" double, 15,000 psi: Upper pipe rams and Lower pipe rams.
Diverter system 1 x VETCO GRAY KFDJ-500 Diverter System 49-1/2’’- 500psi c/w 30” & 24” Overshot packers & mandrels connections to suit 18-3/4” BOP
Control system 1 x NOV/Shaffer BOP/ Diverter Control system – 3,000 psi, 1000 gallon hydraulic oil tank capacity c/w electrical pumps. Driller’s control & Toolpusher’s remote control pannel.
Choke and Kill 1 x NOV TECHDRILL API 3-1/16’’ 15K upstream & 4-1/16’’ 10K downstream, H2S service
w/ 2 x 15K Manual Adjustable Chokes and 2 × 15K Hydraulic Chokes.
Storage Capacities
Fuel 2,733 bbls
Drill water 22,703 bbls
Portable water 2,052 bbls
Brine/ base oil storage 1,014 bbls
Bulk Bentonite/ Barite 6000 ft3
Bulk cement 5100 ft3
Sack material 5,000 sacks
Power Equipment
Diesel Engines 5 x CATERPILLAR diesel engine of 2,150 kVA @ 1,200 rpm, 600V, 3phase, 60Hz, air cooled radiator type
AC Generator 5 x KATO/6P6-3300; 1720 Kw/ea
Emergency engine 1 x CATERPILLAR diesel engine of 680 kVA @ 1800 rpm, 480V, 60Hz air cooled radiator type.
Emergency generator 1 x Caterpillar 3508B DITA 914HP
Deck cranes 3 x FAVELLE FAVCO diesel hydraulic, with 120ft & 135ft boom, rated at 50st at 40ft boom radius, auxiliary hook of 11st.
Working radius Main hoist 20ft to 120ft with 120ft boom
Main hoist 26ft to 135ft with 135ft boom
Hoisting speed SWL 50 sT, max speed 51.5 ft/minute
SWL 12.8 sT, max speed 142.1 ft/minute
Jack-up Specifications
Legs Triangular Shape Lattice with 3 corner members
Leg Spacing Transverse 142ft, Longitudinal 129 ft
Spuds Cans Round shape with hard points
Spud can area 53ft Diameter
Jacking system Rack and Pinion, OTD 1000 FV, 12 Pinions per leg, total of 36 pinions,
normal jacking 1000 kips/pinon
max. normal holding load 1,869 kips
Jacking speed 1.50 ft/min
Mooring Equipment
Winches 4 x OTD BROHL/ OMW 300 single drum various speed, electric motors, 43 HP
Anchors 4 x 5 ton Flipper Delta anchor Anker Advies Bureau B.V
Anchor lines Four length of 2,500ft.