PVD Deepwater


By providing and operating the Semi-submersible Tender assist drilling rig (TAD), PVD Deepwater, which was established in July 2010, carries on an important mission that is to supply the drilling services in Vietnam deep water offshore and surrounding areas, resulting in implementing the strategy of “Deeper & Higher” of PV Drilling

Company name: PVD DEEPWATER
Date of establishment: 14/7/2010
Head Office:  3rd Floor, Sailing Tower, 111A Pasteur Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel: (+84 - 28) 35 218 866
Fax: (+84 - 28) 38 228 520
Director: Mr. Nguyen Van Thuong

At PVD Deepwater, human is always considered as one of the most important resources. We have created effective working environment that provide our employees opportunities and necessary conditions to promote their individual skills and capabilities. It is the workplace where the passion of employees is nurtured and helped them succeed in realizing their career goals by the supporting of management board.

PVD Deepwater has been operating the TAD which is recognized as a high technology practice by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Based on the advantages of technology, the requirements in terms of  Heath – Safety – Environment – Quality (HSEQ), the risk management of Head Quarter, the international standards as well as the information technology solutions, such as Maximo, ERP, Simplesoft, the company has been improving  the productivity of the TAD in supporting the search, exploration and oil reserves in Vietnam deep water areas, resulting in bringing a high productive efficiency.
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By setting up the minimum level of inventory, the company not only pledges to operate the rig safely and effectively, but also can minimize the inventory cost. In addition, the efficient management of supply chains and investing projects has been both greatly impacting upon the TAD operation and ensure to optimize the company operating expenses. Meanwhile, PVD Deepwater guarantees to be a trusty supplier that is always ready for emergency.

To reach the clients’ requirements of quality and effect, “improvement and continuous improvement” is the company motto. Thanks to pay high attention to build up the HSEQ management system, the company can easily measure the effectiveness of jobs, the customer satisfaction, and identify as well as allocate the potential risks that might impact upon productivity. Hence, the preventive solutions and corrective actions are carried on promptly.

Having been well combined between the mentioned factors for years, the company has been successfully operating the TAD with operation efficiency at more than 96%, which is much higher than that of the drilling contractors in the world. Based on the technical and economical standards, the Management Board of company has been gradually bringing PVD Deepwater into the route of “full development”. That is the way PVD Deepwater pledges to create the added value for its customers and investors, which makes the company become a prestigious and reliable drilling contractor in the area and the world.

Sau khi hoàn thành 16 giếng HPHT của dự án khoan cho BienDong POC tại 2 vùng mỏ Hải Thạch và Mộc Tinh, ngày 24/09/2019 PV Drilling đã ký kết Hợp đồng cung cấp giàn khoan tiếp trợ nửa nổi nửa chìm “PV DRILLING V" với Brunei Shell Petroleum Company Sdn Bhd (BSP). Hợp đồng đã ký có thời hạn 6 năm, với 2 lần tùy chọn gia hạn với mỗi lần là 2 năm, bắt đầu từ ngày 01/04/2021 để phục vụ cho chương trình khoan của BSP tại Brunei.


Drilling services

01. Drilling services

Owns and operates TAD PV DRILLING V rig, provides drilling services. TAD PV Drilling V is operated by experienced and dedicated staffs. By December 3, 2019, PV Drilling V rig has achieved 6-year safety performance (Zero LTI). Moreover, with operation efficiency at more than 96%, he rig has contributed to the success of drilling campaigns of customers, safely and effectively.

TAD PV DRILLING V is the most modern generation rig of the SSDT 3600E model which be constructed by the world's largest rig company and the only one currently designed for semi-submersible drilling rig (TAD). The first TAD rig in the world was built by KFELS in 1994 with SSDT-800 model and up to the time of PV DRILLING V construction, there were 7 rigs of this type that be constructed by KFELS with the latest model is SSDT 3600E. PV DRILLING V is the 8th TAD rig in the world and is the most modern generation of TAD rig with Model SSDT 3600E. This is a generation of TAD rigs that applied many outstanding features, high technology compared with existing auxiliary rigs.

It is also the first rig in the world to use high technology to drill high pressure high-temperature wells (HPHT) with blow out preventer (BOP) be designed to work up to 15,000 psi (equivalent to 1020 atm) is the great challenge of current oil and gas drilling technology. In addition, PV DRILLING V can be performed for depth wells up to 30,000 ft (9100 m) with sea level depth up to 4000 ft (1200 m).

The long-term contract that PV DRILLING V was awarded by Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) has proven PV Drilling’s capacity and ability in provision of deep water drilling service to satisfy clients’ requirements both locally and internationally.