PVD Logging


As a wholly-owned subsidiary of PV Drilling, PVD Logging specializes in providing advanced technical services for petroleum drilling operations such as mud logging, slick-line, well testing, geologist provision, etc.

Date of Company registration: 07/8/2007 
Registered Business Address: 4th Floor, PVFCCo, 43 Mac Dinh Chi, Da Kao ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 
Phone:    (+84 - 28) 39105860 
Fax:  (+84 - 28) 39105859 
Vung Tau Branch:  P.A204, Ha Luu PTSC Port, 65A, Street 30/4, Vung Tau City 
Phone:  +84-254-595 391 
Fax:  +84-254-595 392 
Representative:  Mr. Bui Xuan Hieu 

Established in October of 2004, PVD Logging has endlessly expanded its capacity of high-tech equipment system and skilled manpower to affirm its position as a leading company providing high technology services in the oil & gas industry. The company has worked for more than 30 local and overseas clients, maintaining annual revenue growth rate of over 30%.

Along with Mud-logging service accounting for 80% - 90% of domestic market share, other services also holds in range of 50% - 75% of domestic market share. PVD Logging is well-known as a highly reliable provider of high-tech services by both local and international clients.

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In order to pursue the goal of sustainable development, PVD Logging has been significantly investing in R & D. The company has made great improvements in current equipment and systems, which helps to boost usability and improve accuracy. The remarkable achievements of R & D in new services and equipment have been launched in operations locally and internationally as well.

Beside its inner strength, PVD Logging has cooperated with other leading service companies to make joint ventures in order to ensure its capability to work on challenging wells and meet all the needs of the clients. PVD Logging is confident with its service quality and is ready to introduce its business to regional markets and other continents.


Mud Logging Services

01. Mud Logging Services

PVD Logging’s Mud Logging Services is an innovative, customer driven Surface Logging provider to the oil and gas industry.

With our new Surface Logging System which applied the latest and most stable technology to support all of our rig site services on a single integrated platform, delivering superior data acquisition/management and intelligent analysis for a wide variety of services including:

Standard Mud Logging Package

• Monitoring and recording drilling and geological parameters;
• Detection and Interpretation of Hydrocarbon;
• Evaluation of Formation;
• Database Management;
• Applications of Drilling and Engineering.

Optional Advantage Services

• Real Time Data Transmission;
• Early Kick Detection (EKD) System;
• Advantage Gas Detecting System combined of Contain Volume Gap Trap and High speed Chromatograph system;
• Microscope with built-in digital microscope;
• Micro Motion Mud-weight sensor.

We have a strong experienced crew who are well-trained in both theoretical and practical realm. Our engineers, through working internationally with various oil companies, have gained strong knowledge and skills in Mud logging Operation, wide comprehension in geology and stratigraphy in various reservoir types.

In addition, the experienced support team who has been working many years in oil industry for various oil companies in the position of Data Engineer/ Geo-pressure Predict Engineer/Well site Geologist/ Mud logging Technical Manager.

PVD Logging’s Mud Logging has been providing the best qualified mud logging services for the most of oil companies in Vietnam as: Cuu Long JOC, Dai Hung, Vietsovpetro, Lam Son JOC, Thang Long JOC, VRJ, Idemitsu oil company, Truong Son JOC, Con Son JOC, Phu Quy POC, Hong Long POC, Hoang Long JOC, Hoan Vu JOC, Bach Dang JOC, Vietgazprom JOC and many more…

Mudlogging Personnel

Pressure Engineer / Data Engineer

• Monitoring all drilling & engineering data..
• Performing all pressure related calculations..
• Communicating with client representatives and other third parties personnel for any of abnormal drilling process to ensure the efficient operation.
• General supervision and QA/QC of the operation of mud logging unit and crew.

Mud Logger / Mud Logging Geologist

• Monitoring and analyzing all lithological data and fluid samples for producing the formation evaluation log.
• Communicating with client representatives and other third parties regarding to geological data, abnormal drilling parameters, pressure plots and other data.
• Calibrating and maintaining all mud logging sensors and equipment.
• Training and supervising Trainee Mud Logger.

The Trainee Mud Logger / Sample Catcher

• Collecting and handling the ditch cuttings at the required intervals.
• Preparing all samples for shipping and storage.
• Helping mud logger to check and maintain all mud logging equipment at the wellsite.
• Aiding the Wellsite Geologist and other mud logging personnel during operation.

Slickline Services

02. Slickline Services

Currently, PVD Logging provides the Slickline services for most Oil and Gas Companies in Vietnam. Our Slickline services particularly reduce well intervention costs and increase production. We have the right equipment with innovative technology to perform well intervention services as well as enhance remedial service work. Our personnel, who are widely experienced and well-trained with related knowledge, can implement the services anywhere and anytime, can reduce the frequency of trips into the well and restore full production with minimum non-production time.

At PVD Logging you can find all kinds of current Slickline services ranging from the primary ones such as basic completion intervention to the advanced services such as perforation, tubing cutting, packer setting... By applying advanced technology, we can provide the services with common line instead of electric line with the peak of performance.

Cased-Hole Logging Services

03. Cased-Hole Logging Services

Production Logging - Faster, high-quality production logging answers

Memory Production Services (Sondex short compact) give you advanced production logging measurements. These measurements are of the same accuracy and quality as those from the real-time configuration in situations that preclude surface readout operation. Even when logistical, operational or down hole constraints prevent use of the surface readout system, you can diagnose down hole production confidently. Rapid deployment is safe and easy with the compact size and portability. Tools and sensors can be conveyed in the borehole by coiled tubing and Slickline.

Multi Finger Tools (MIT)

The prime use for the Multi Finger Imaging Tool is to record data to enable the clients maximize production or recovery from the field, either through appropriate remedial work on a well or by providing information to optimize the field. During the course of producing, the field problems may show up, often as the wells get older. MIT information will help towards resolving these problems and planning the scheldule of maintenance to stabilize the production...

Gradient Survey

Quartz Electronic Memory Gauge gives you high accuracy and repeatability readings of temperature and pressure; they are designed to be run in critical well testing by Slickline personnel. The compact equipment and simple operation are able to minimize the training time for users. Easy handling software will allow users to quickly generate data and interpretation at operational site.

Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP)

04. Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP)

PVD Logging supplies the most advantageous solution for perforating operation with latest technology in the world, the charges called “CONNEX” of Geodynamics help the reservoir after perforation has less dirt contamination many times compared with the normal charges using popular now.

Well Testing Services

05. Well Testing Services

Well co-operation with reliable expert partners like Expro, Halliburton, Metrol Technology, QuaterBack Services and the Joint Venture PVD-Expro, PVD Logging has successfully provided the Well Testing Service for domestic critical oil companies such as Cuu Long JOC, Thang Long JOC, Truong Son JOC, Vietsovpetro and received high appreciation for service quality.

Our key capabilities are in:

• Drillstem test tools;
• Surface testing equipment;
• Fluid sampling both on surface and on bottom of the well, and analysis;
• Tubing conveyed perforating;
• Analysis capabilities; and
• Data acquisition system (Including surface DAQ system, downhole memory gauges, and surface readout system both wireline conveyed and acoustic wireless)

Geological Scientists Provisions

06. Geological Scientists Provisions

PVD Logging’s Wellsite & Operation Geologist team has more than 20 years of working in Cuulong, Nam Con Son, Song Hong basin and other blocks in continental shelf of Vietnam.

Our practical, efficient, and dynamic team has received high appreciation of many oil companies with the solid knowledge of geological stratigraphy, and experiences in explorative & developing drilling Oil & Gas operation, including challenging wells with High Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT), long reach horizontal, or sour gas (H2S). Our team owns extremely wide experience in fractured granitoid basement & Karstified / Fractured carbonate Basement. PVD Logging has provided the best Operation & Wellsite geologist for the oil companies in Vietnam as: Cuu Long JOC, Lam Son JOC, Thang Long JOC, VRJ, Idemitsu, Truong Son JOC, Con Son JOC, Petronas Overseas, Petronas Vietnam Limited Company, Primier Oil, Phu Quy POC, and so on…

Wellsite Geologist

Wellsite Geologist shall exert to perform all reasonable skills, care and expertise to carry out QA/QC wellsite geological work as described in scope of work at the wellsite and ensure that the work is accomplished in compliance with contractual commitments, Company's Policy, safety manual, planned drilling and geological program and current standards and practices of oil industry. Our wellsite geologists are skilled at delivering all operational responsibilities:

• Liaison between wellsite drilling and geological teams to achieve project goals;
• Communication with the company operations and reservoir departments;
• Evaluation and description of geological well samples including cuttings, cores and sidewall cores;
• Analysis, evaluation and interpretation of gas data and ratio calculations;
• Geological and drilling data evaluation;
• Advising on formation pore pressure, drilling hazards and drilling parameters optimization;
• Interpretation and prediction all geological features /data with the other data from offset wells, seismic data, LWD/MWD data, wireline data, etc. of and around the well;
• Quality Assurance and supervision of geological service companies including mudlogging, LWD and wireline;
• Coring, side wall coring and casing point selection;
• Liaison between wellsite drilling and geological teams to achieve project goals;
• Geosteering supervision and management;
• Supervision of geological sample acquisition, storage and dispatch;
• Wireline witnessing and selection of sample and testing points;
• Wireline "quick look" interpretation;
• Correlation with offset and regional wells and production of correlation panels;
• End of Well Reporting and production of final well and completion logs.

Operation Geologist

Operation Geologist shall exert to perform all reasonable skills, care and expertise to supervise and QA/QC all of wellsite geological data, co-operate with drilling department to determine all geological aspect and ensure that the wellsite geological work is accomplished in compliance with contractual commitments, Company's Policy, safety manual, planned drilling and geological program and current standards and practices of oil industry.

• QA/QC all of geological services & logging data (Wellsite Geologist, Mud Logging, Wireline, LWD/MWD);
• Corporation & Recommendation to the drilling department and/or others concerned for the determination all of geological aspects during drilling and testing operations;
• Interpretation and prediction all geological features /data with the other data from offset wells, seismic data, LWD/MWD data, wireline data, etc. of and region to establish geological modeling for Oil & Gas exploration & developments;
• Compilation & production the Geological well completion reports.

Geo-Pressure Prediction Service

PVD Logging’s Real-Time Geo-pressure Prediction team has many years of working in Basins of Cuu Long, South Con Son, Red River and other blocks in continental shelf of Vietnam and Australia.

Our practical, efficient, proactive and actionable geo-pressure expertise has received high appreciation from our clients with the solid knowledge of geo-pressure regime, geological stratigraphy, and experiences in explorative and developing of drilling Oil & Gas operation. We are always challenging with High Pressure - High Temperature (HPHT) wells, deep gas wells, long reach horizontal, and provided Real-Time Geo-pressure Prediction service which is prediction and real-time monitoring of pore pressure and well-bore stability at the well-site by using LWD, MWD, SWD and gas data.

The Real-Time Geo-pressure Prediction service is applicable in all environments including wild-cat exploration wells; deep gas wells; wells with narrow mud weight windows; wells drilled in basins with high tectonic stresses; HPHT wells; and non-vertical and extended-reach drilling (ERD) wells.

By using the Geo-pressure prediction software & modeling, the Geo-pressure service is applicable to calculate the bottom hole pore pressure for monitoring the geo-pressure’s behavior, identification and notification of any potential risks from abnormal pressure which capably arise and result in kicks, mud losses or other well control problems. Significantly abnormal pore pressure could lead to loss of entire well, together with substantial destruction of life and property.

The Geo-pressure service plays a significant role in reducing these risks.