PVD Offshore


With a reasonable business strategy and a sense of responsibility of a reliable Service Provider, PVD Offshore is committed to making constant efforts to bring quality services to customers; meanwhile, confirming the Company's prestige in the field of oil and gas.

Date of Company registration: 29/6/2007 
Registered Business Address: PVD Offshore Company Office
3rd Floor No. 43A, Street 30/4, Ward 9, Vung Tau City
Phone: (+84 - 254) 3590 127
Fax: (+84 - 254) 3590 128
Base address:   Downstream Port of PTSC Vung Tau
No. 65A, Street 30/4, Ward Thang Nhat, Vung Tau City
Phone: (+84 - 254) 3596 471 
Fax: (+84 - 254) 3590 128

Spill response base address:  
No. 879, Street 30/4, Ward 11, Vung Tau City
Phone: (84 - 254) 3596 596
Fax: (+84 - 254) 3832 879 
Representative:    Mr. Tran Thanh Tan 

Established on June 29, 2007 on the basis of merging two member enterprises of PV Drilling, PVD Offshore has its head office and main production base located in Vung Tau City, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province, besides some sub-bases located in other provinces in the country. Over 12 opertion years, PVD Offshore has been providing a wide range of traditional services to meet its customers’ requirements, including:

Drilling manpower supply service;

  • Inspection, repair, maintenance and workshop service;
  • Oil spill response service;

We take pride in our corporate reputation in providing responsive, quality-assured services. . In each service segment, PVD Offshore always strives to build a team of professional workers with high skills, equipped with modern machinery and equipment systems to serve the needs of production and business.

Accompanying the criteria of operations as the customer-focused, we consider the customers’ business success is our business success.
With a reasonable business strategy and a sense of responsibility of a reliable Service Provider, PVD Offshore is committed to making constant efforts to bring quality services to customers; meanwhile, confirming the Company's prestige in the field of oil and gas.



Drilling Manpower Supply Service

01. Drilling Manpower Supply Service

Through over 12 operation years, PVD Offshore is currently one of the leading drilling manpower providers in Vietnam with a skilled, experienced workforce of more than 600 people, working in various positions on the drilling rigs in Vietnam and oversea.

In the busy period of the oil and gas operation several years ago, PVD Offshore was capable of supplying manpower to over 12 drilling rigs operating at the same time. PVD Offshore’s customers are well-known drilling contractors in the world, such as Borr Drilling, Japan Drilling,Transocean, Sedco Forex, Seadrill, Diamond Offshore, Premium Drilling, Ensco, ect...

PVD Offshore also provides manpower working in in-land facilities and factories of customers. The company also has been supplying manpower in the field of geothermal drilling in Japan since 2016.

Since 2014, PVD Offshore was licensed by the Ministry of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs to sublease labor in the spirit of Decree No. 55/2013 / ND-CP of the Government.

The positions PVD Offshore is currently providing:


Drilling Crews:  Marine Crews:  Maintenance Crews:  Rig Officers: 
Driller  Barge Master (Expats)  Chief Mechanic Safety Officer 
Assistant Driller   Assistant Barge Master  Chief Electrician  HSE Assistant 
Pumpman  Deck Supervisor/ Deck Pusher  Mechanic  Medic 
Derrickman  Crane Operator  Electrician  Radio Operator 
Floorman  Assistant Crane Operator  Assistant Mechanic  Interpreter 
  Lead Roustabout  Assistant Electrician  Materialsman (Drilling Company) 
  Roustabout  2nd Engineer (Drilling Ship)  Materialsman (Oil Company) 
  2nd Officer (Drilling Ship)  3rd Engineer (Drilling Ship)  Storekeeper 
  3rd Officer (Dirlling Ship)  Motorman   
  AB Seaman (Drilling Ship)  Welder   
    Chief Painter   


Our Vietnamese personnel are fully equipped with the required certificates of international standards, able to communicate well in English when working with foreign partners on the rig.

Inspection, Repair, Maintenance and Workshop Service

02. Inspection, Repair, Maintenance and Workshop Service

PVD Offshore’s Workshop has been established since 1997. With the desire to provide customers with a full service (One-Stop Service) related to Inspection, Repair, Maintenance and Workshop service, the Workshop has been gradually expanded up to nearly 20,000m2 with a system of sub workshops and warehouses; being invested in infrastructure, being equipped with modern machinery, advanced technology and a Quality, Safety and Environment Management System according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 systems. PVD Offshore’s technical procedures have been evaluated and certified by well-known technical organizations such as API, Tenaris Hydril, NOV Grant Prideco, TPS, TMK, Arnco, LEEA and so on. In addition, PVD Offshore also focuses on training and retraining personnel to increasingly improve workmanship, efficiency and safety in the production process and improving service quality. 

Services provided by the Workshop include:
1. Machining, Turning and Threading Services.
Machining, Turning and Threading Services is one of the biggest units in the Workshop and has equipped with high-tech machines such as Cybertech Turning Center, CNC Lathe Machine, Heavy-duty Multi-task Mill Turn Center…PVD Offshore has capacity to handle the fabrication, repair, reface, re-chase, recuts of couplings and manufacture of complex products such as X-over, Cross-over, Subs…

We are also licensed to recut proprietary connections from a lot of major manufacturers of tubular products. We have been the unique partnership of Tenaris in Vietnam from 2014.

2. Tubular and Structural Inspection Services.
The unit has equipped with a large range of machines including fixed and portable machines and can be configured to different types of NDT test such as EMI logging system – NDT 6000, EMI buggy units, UT machine, Eddy Curent machine, NDT Tool box (BHA)…PVD Offshore can provide a full range of pipe inspection on sizes, ranging from 2-3/8” to 13-3/8” following international standards like API, DS1, NS1, NS2… or customer’s requirement. 

3. Tubular Cleaning and Coating Services.
The high-pressure water cleaning system operates up to 15,000 psi (100 MPa), these services for used and new pipe up to 30’ in diameter. The system can remove rust, scale, dried cement and drilling fluid over the entire length of the pipe tube. It also can clean the pipe internal and externals individually or both at the same time. Once the pipe is cleaned, PVD Offshore personnel can apply a rust inhibitor-type coating which has a shelf life of 06-12 months.

4. Hard Banding Services.
PVD Offshore is the unique supply of hardbanding service in Vietnam and certificated by OEM to apply hardband materials such as Arnco 300, Arnco 350XT, Duraband NC, TCS Titanium, Armacor.

5. Well-head & Completion Equipment Maintence and High Pressure Testing Services.
The service includes the routine inspection, repair and maintenance of surface wellheads, as well as the provision of pressure testing services.

6. Stabilizer Redressing Services.
Whenever the tools have worn down to an unacceptable diameter, it can usually be reconditioned to full gauge when returned to our redress shop. Welding and brazing equipment installed in the Redress Shop provides the capability to perform all types of welding and brazing as well as modifications and repair to Oilfield tools and equipment.

7. Drilling Jar, Fishing Jar and Pumper Sub Services.
The unit can be engineered to make up or break out sections over 60ft in length if required. The torque machine such as a continuous bucking unit and an intermittent bucking unit can service from 2-7/8” up to 20”, torque power up to 105,000 Lbf. PVD Offshore has also a Jar & Pumper sub tester to test those tools before they are dispatched. Every tool tested is witnessed by clients and a certification is issued 

8. Lifting Gears and Transportation Equipments Proof Load Testing, Management and Certification Services.
Being full member of LEEA – Lifting Equipment Engineers Association, PVD Offshore provides a complete range of Lifting Gear Inspection Services for both onshore and offshore industries. The unit is experienced with most offshore lifting equipment criteria, including EN 12079, DNV 2.7, BS and API specifications.
The services include:

  • Lifting gear inspections
  • Load testing with water bags
  • Proof load testing (the unit is fitted with frame load testing facilities up to 100 tons & 200 tons hydraulic test beds)
  • Comprehensive asset integrity management

In addition, we fabricate and certificate various types of sling from 08 to 48mm in diameter.

9. Oilfield Conductor Pipe Welding.
PVD Offshore has the facility to carry out submerged arc welding on conductor pipe/ casing, weld-on connectors for large diameter casing sizes up to 36” OD.Welding and Fabrication (Tension Deck, Pipeline, Container, Basket, Onshore and Offshore Project, etc).
10. Welding and Fabrication (Tension Deck, Pipeline, Container, Basket, Onshore and Offshore Project, etc)
Our fabrication shop specializes in building and restoring oilfield equipment, such as container, pipe spools, lined pipes, equipment skids, baskets…for onshore and offshore applications. 

All manufactured equipment is delivered with documented certificates of inspection and load testing. In addition, equipment can be painted in-house to satisfy customer requirements. Our services include SAW, TIG, MIG, flux core, plasma and stick welding. 

11. Flange and Wellhead Component Fabrication.
Our product line covers a large range of equipment including wellheads, Crosses & Tees, Large Test & Blind Flanges, Christmas tree cap flange, Welding neck flange, Threaded flange, Weco Connections…These products are assured by high class machines - CNC In-situ Mazak Cyber Tech 5500M and CNC Mazak e-1060 integrex which are the most state-of-the-art of the South VN and designed for complex operations. 

CNC Mazak e-1060 integrex is a heavy duty multi task 5-axis simultaneous control, milling and turning center. with Processor Mazatrol Matrix and Voice advisor, the machine has the capacity to manufacture Flanged connectors, Tees&crosses, Wecos, Wellhead components and Christmas Tree of different sizes under API Spec. A1 and API 6A, for example Weco fig 2202,1502,1002, etc. or flanges from 2 1/6” to 18” ¾ and standard working pressure 10.000 psi

12. Valves Inspection and Calibration 
PVD Offshore has equipped workshop container with the latest testing and inspection equipment enabling our technicians to work independent of the asset under API 570 and API 530 for valves from ½” to 12”.. PVD Offshore’ s pressure testing is carried out in accordance with our specific risk assessment and written method statement in place prior to commencing testing operations.

13. Rope Access Inspection Services.
The rope access team of PVD Offshore has developed since 2008. Rope Access team has 16 people certificated by IRATA from level 1 to level 3. This team is able to complete different types of jobs using Rope access such as

  • Welding and repair, 
  • Electrical maintenance, 
  • Lifting gear inspection, 
  • NDT inspection and also
  • Security check

14. Underwater Inspection In Lieu of Dry Docking Services.
Underwater Inspection in lieu of Dry – Docking, or UWILD inspections, is required to ensure the structural and operational integrity of a marine asset. PVD Offshore supplies UWILD inspection in cooperating with a foreign partner. All equipment is at our workshop so we can respond to customer’s demand promptly.

Oil Spill Response Service

03. Oil Spill Response Service

PVD Offshore is one of the leading units in the country providing oil spill response services for the oil and gas exploration, exploitation and transportation activities in Vietnam. We have been providing oil spill response services since 1994, so far we have been involved in dealing with many oil spills in rivers, seas, estuaries... Equipped with a full range of specialized equipment with a series of rescue facilities along the territory of Vietnam such as Hai Phong, Da Nang, Quang Ngai, Vung Tau, Ca Mau, Phu Yen... along with human resources directly 24/7, PVD Offshore always ensures timely rescue of incidents.

With a system of specialized oil spill response equipment and a team of professional and experienced personnel, we are ready to undertake the following tasks:

  • Survey, consult and plan for oil spill response.
  • Survey, consult and prepare reports on environmental impact assessment.
  • Organize training courses related to the oil spill response service (IMO I, II, III / other courses).
  • Directly and respond to oil spill incident to level I / II / III.
  • Check the oil spill handling system.
  • Carry out rescuing and gathering sources of oil leaking or overflowing from tanks on shore, at sea and on river systems.
  • Rinse oil tanks of floating vehicles and oil tanks.
  • Providing equipment for spill response, manufacturing and Maintenance of some equipment related to the Spill Response Service.
  • Port and logistics services.
  • Boat rental service.

The main base is located along the Dinh River in Vung Tau City with a total area of 6,000m2 including 800m2 of warehouse and 380m long wharf. In addition, the location of the rescue is also widespread, running along the provinces from the North to the South, including Quang Ninh, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Quang Ngai, Phu Yen, Vung Tau, Ca Mau.

Equipment includes:

  • More than 2000m of sea boom;
  • More than 4000m of river boom;
  • Marine oil collectors with a total capacity of over 800 tons / hour;
  • River oil collectors with a total capacity of over 300 tons / hour;
  • Oil tanks with a total capacity of about 300 tons;
  • Oil Map spill simulation software;
  • Oil dispersers of all kinds and other auxiliary equipment.