PVD Well Services


PVD Well Services continuously developed and maintained its position as the leading provider in the drilling service market with two traditional offers: tubular running service and tool rental service. The company’s direction is to develop new promising advanced drilling services such as managed pressured drilling, solid control and completion fluid filtration, etc.

Date of establishment: 01/8/2007
Head Office: 4th Floor, Cantavil Premier, 1 Song Hanh Street, An Phu Ward, Thu Duc city, Vietnam.
Tel: (+84) 28 3910 4365
Fax: (+84) 28 3910 4366
Vung Tau Office: 5 Floor, Agribank Building, No. 43A, Street 30/4, Ward 9, Vung Tau, Vietnam
Tel: (+84 – 254) 359 1869
Fax: (+84 – 254) 359 1917
Warehouse: PTSC Suppy Base, No. 65A, Street 30/4, Thang Nhat Ward, Vung Tau, Vietnam
Tel: (+84) 25 4355 4147
Fax: (+84) 25 4359 6653
Representative:  Mr. Cao Ngoc Binh

Established with PV Drilling since 2001, PVD Well Services continuously remains its sustainable development and earns its reputation and trust from clients in providing oil and gas well technical services that meet international standards. PVD Well Services is always the leading choice of domestic and overseas oil and gas companies. The Company also dominates the domestic market of providing oil and gas well technical services with traditional services including Casing and Tubing Running Services (CTRS), Drilling Tools Rental Services (DTRS), Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) and Filtration. PVD Well Services always focuses on researching and developing advanced high-tech services with an aim of bringing the best benefits to clients such as Casing Running Tool - internal grip (CRTi) which has been put into operation and successfully developed in Vietnam market since 2013; Anti Stick/Slip Tool (AST Tool) has been provided since 2017 and is highly appreciated; Directional Drilling with Casing service (Directional DwC) is being introduced to the market, and Expandable Liner….

From the early days of establishment, PVD Well Services has been focusing on developing CTRS. Up to present, the Company has proactively supplied the service, strengthening its position and has greatly been appreciated in domestic and foreign markets. For DTRS, PVD Well Services is also highly appreciated for the diverse supply of drilling equipment including Drillpipe, DST, Hydraulic & Mechanic Drilling Jars, Hole Opener, Under Reamer, Circulation Sub, Casing Scraper….

More specifically, with the development of new equipment and services, high technology for difficult wells, PVD Well Services has made a great impression on the clients. Since 2010, PVD Well Services has successfully introduced and provided MPD services to wells that require complex technologies and techniques. Since 2013, PVD Well Services has been a leader in providing and deploying CRTi service to clients in Vietnam. So far, all clients prefer applying this service in well construction which brings great added values to them. In 2017, PVD Well Services for the first time introduced AST tool to Vietnam market, improving drilling productivity as well as reducing risks while drilling. In addition, in 2019, the Company deployed Expandable Liner service for difficult wells and has successfully constructed wells, which have been praised from clients.

At PVD Well Services, business development has been implemented on the basis of a combination of relevant factors, including the most focused on human resources, equipment and management systems. Human resources training and development is always top priority in parallel with promoting investment in modern equipment, focusing on research, development and application of high-tech equipment in production and business operation. In 2012, PVD Well Services was honored to be awarded the Third Class Labor Medal by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry for outstanding contribution to Vietnamese economy. In addition, PVD Well Services has completed a project to build a management system in accordance with API Q2 standards, which was evaluated and certified by American Petroleum Institute on December 20, 2018, which made PVD Well Services become the first unit of PV Drilling in particular and domestic oil and gas industry in general that was certified with API Q2 - the most globally prestigious certification in terms of service quality for oil and gas service providers.


With the goal of providing clients with appropriate technical solutions for specific well, providing high quality services of international standards, PVD Well Services has continued to maintain current services, develop new services with high technology and affirm a strong and professional image both locally and internationally.

It is the strong, daring but suitable development strategy of PVD Well Services together with the professional and united staff that promises to open up opportunities and enhance the Company’s image of a drilling technical company to a new height.

1. Major projects:

- Over the past years, PVD Well Services has participated in many large and important bidding packages and won most of the tenders for big clients in Vietnamese market.
- Successfully provided services for BHP Billiton, Santos, ENI, Premier Oi, HLHV package contracts.
- Successful implementing 5-year contracts to provide BDPOC in Hai Thach and Moc Tinh with high efficiency.
- Successfully negotiated a contract to provide CTRS and DTRS to Sao Vang - Dai Nguyet development project of Idemitsu.
- In addition, the Company has also participated in the tender to provide CTRS in foreign markets to Total (Myanmar) and Conocophillips (Timor-leste) through the full bidding package of PV Drilling.

2. Outstanding achievements of PVD Well Services:

- The core services of PVD Well Services account for 100% of the domestic market share.
- Successfully developing the CRTi service that can save time and costs for clients, helps bring economic efficiency beyond expectations;
- Research, expand and successfully supply many devices that bring high economic efficiency such as Dogleg Reamer, Agitator, Rhino Reamer, Anti Stick Slip...;
- Successfully executing many package contracts for BHP Billiton, Santos, ENI, Premier Oi, HLHV...;
- Deploying services to foreign markets for Myanmar, Philippines, Japan, Malaysia, Middle East…;
- PVD Well Services has successfully designed, fabricated and tested Hydraulic Extendable Bail Arm (HEBA) with the purpose of combining with CRTi equipment to provide clients with an effective, safe and easy solution;
- Successfully deploying the service of providing Expandable Liner;
- Being the first and sole company in Vietnam to build and successfully apply, being granted a Quality Management System certificate according to API Q2 standard of the American Petroleum Institute.


Casing & Tubing Running Services

01. Casing & Tubing Running Services

PVD Well Services has been building excellent performance and quickly gaining good reputation as the premier, reliable and leading provider of Casing and Tubing Running Services (CTRS) that delivers the best services for Oil and Gas Companies with effective service delivery and high quality proven that help bring technical and economic success to the customers’ drilling campaigns.

PVD Well Services is providing not only traditional equipment but also Conductor Driving Services as well as automated / specialized Casing and Tubing running equipment, operated by highly experienced and well-trained crew. Whilst maintaining and enhancing services quality within Vietnam market, PVD Well Services has also been expanding Casing and Tubing Running Services to overseas markets like South East Asia, Middle East, etc.

With high services quality including high safety performance being maintained all the time, PVD Well Services Casing and Tubing Running Services has been receiving appreciation and recognition letters and rewards from various customers such as Exxon Mobil, Mitra Energy, Odfjell Well Services, Hoang Long JOC, Thang Long JOC, JVPC, PVEP, etc.

1. Conductor Driving Services

2. Casing / Tubing Running Services


3. Pre-tally Services

4. Bucking Services

Drilling Tools/tubular Rental Services

02. Drilling Tools/tubular Rental Services

1. Tubing Rental:

- PVD Well Services provide Testing Tubing 2-7/8”, 3-1/2” and 4-1/2” with API connection and also Premium connection such as Hydril PH4, PH6, TS6, EUE…;
-Tubing for cement stinger, acidizing and appraising;

2. Drilling Tools Rental:

a. Drill pipe, Hydro clean DP, HWDP, Collars…

- Providing drill pipe with variable range sizes from 2-7/8” to 5-7/8” with API and Hi-torque connection such as HT55, DSTS, XT…;
- Providing Hydro clean DP, Heavy weight Drill Pipe, Drill Collars…
- Providing many types of drill pipe pup joints and cross-overs;
- Providing many types of safety valves such as Inside-BOP Valve, Drop In Check Valve, Kelly Valve…
- Providing handling tools such as: elevator, single joint elevator, handslip, safety clamp

b. Down hole Tools Rental:

Hole Opener

- Hole Opener is a fixed diameter bore hole enlargement tool that is utilized to expand the well bore beyond the original hole size drilled by the bit. PVD Well Services has many different types of hole openers to meet the various applications.
- Hole Opener is a cost effective way to enlarge a pre-drilled pilot hole or to ensure that the gauge is maintained in a deviated hole.
- Cutters are installed on system combined by bearing and sliding shaft to deliver the best performance.
- Cutters are easy to change out with handling tools which will be provided together with tools.

Drilling Jar/ Accelerator/ Shock Sub

- The Double-Acting Hydraulic Drilling Jar enables jarring up or down and varying impact force to free stuck drillstring components to minimize NPT and avoid sidetracking. When run with the Accelerator Impact Tool, the Drilling Jar delivers up to 1 million lbf of impact while protecting the drillstring and surface equipment from shock.
- The Shock Sub impact and vibration reduction tool is a drillstring component that absorbs and dampens the variable axial dynamic loads produced by the drill bit during routine drilling and milling operations

PBL Multiple Activation Bypass System

The PBL Bypass System is a simple reliable tool which diverts 100% of the flow through side ports into the annulus enabling increased circulation rates and TFA (Total Flow Area). The PBL Multiple Activation Bypass System has numerous applications to enhance & aid:

+ Lost circulation during all drilling techniques
+ Well bore cleanout
+ Displacement during work-over and completions
+ Slim hole and Thru Tubing Drilling
+ Acidizing & stimulation
+ Subsea riser/BOP jetting

Roller Reamer

Roller Reamer is an efficient and reliable tool for improving drilling performances and enhancing hole condition. It reduces stick & slip and vibration while drilling.

Anti Stick/ Slip Tool

The Anti Stick-Slip Tool (AST) stabilizes the drilling torque created by the bit through a direct mechanical process where excess torque causes the tool to contract along internal helical splines. This process ensures efficient drilling is maintained and destructive torsional vibrations are removed along with secondary effects such as lateral vibrations and axial excitation.

Under Reamer

Under Reamer is used to enlarge a wellbore past its original drilled size with operational flexibility ranging from demountable cutters to cutters that encompass milled tooth, tungsten carbide insert, and polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutters.

Agitator System

Agitator System is used to mitigate Torsional Dynamic Indicator (one of the indicators provided by directional drilling companies that are used to determine the mode and severity of downhole torsional dynamic vibration and it takes into account both the stick slip average and the lateral vibration) leading to more stable drilling operation, extended downhole tools life and improved drilling efficiency.

Managed Pressure Drilling & Software

03. Managed Pressure Drilling & Software

MPD is drilling technology solutions capable of controlling the drilling pressure in the well body to prevent and eliminate drilling problems, allowing safe drilling through complex strata such as high anomalies in temperature, pressure, areas with small drilling safety limits, area of severe fluid loss. MPD offers many benefits for drilling work such as:

• Fix bottom pressure and improve drilling safety

With a closed circulation system, MPD allows monitoring and controlling the entire fluid circulation process through sensors of H2S detection, density and flow measurement. The system helps quickly detect kick-loss, automatically alerts and responds to abnormal changes in the well. On the other hand, MPD maintains pressure of the well bottom during drilling process, eliminating problems that may occur due to changes in bottom pressure such as landslides, openings, and wells contraction.

• Increase mechanical speed and prevent stickiness

MPD technology can use light solution below balance and maintain the differential pressure at the bottom of the well at a small value, which is very significant in increasing the mechanical speed during drilling and extending life of drill bits. On the other hand, maintaining a small differential pressure helps prevent the ability to stick to the wall of the well due to the differential pressure.

• Drill through the fluid loss areas

Drilling through severe fluid loss areas with conventional drilling methods is always a great challenge, especially for areas with large fractures or carbonate areas. The PMCD method maintains and controls the fluid column in the rim space, and uses inexpensive drilling fluid (seawater) to drill through the fluid loss area, which not only allows drilling up to TD (Total Depth) safely but also helps reduce impact on reservoir quality, while increasing mechanical speed and reducing unwanted incidents.

At PVD Well Services, MPD technology has been successfully implemented for many high pressure or high temperature wells or total solution loss such as:

- Early detection of gas penetration for Moc Tinh and Hai Thach wells of Bien Dong POC. Stabilizing bottom pressure of Su Tu Trang, Su Tu Vang, Su Tu Nau wells of Cuu Long clients;
- Drilling through the total fluid loss strata applied to wells CD-1X (Premier Oil), HRN-1X (PVEP), HK-1X (Santos) and currently used for DM-5P (Petronas).

MPD technology research and development has brought many benefits to oil and gas companies such as saving drilling costs, safely constructing wells, ... promising that this will be a new technology to optimize costs for the wells with a deep to very deep sea level.

Casing Accessories Services

04. Casing Accessories Services

PVD Well Services provides Casing Accessories as follows:

- Centralizer: Hinged Non-Welded Bow Spring, Hinged Welded Bow Spring, Hinged Non-Welded Stainless Steel, Slip on Welded Bow Spring, Slip on Welded Single Piece Bow Spring Sledge Chakra.
- Spiralizer: Slip On Welded Positive, Slip On Welded Positive, Slip On Heavy Duty Straight, Slip on Stand-off Band, Solid Rigid Centralizer.
- Cable Support Coupling: Cross Coupling With Cable Support, Non Ferrous Centralizer With Cable Support.
- Stop Collars: Hinged Spiral Nail, Hinged Bolted, Hinged Set Screw, Slip on Set Screw, Slip on Set Screw Stainless Steel, Cable Wall Cleaner, Cable Wall Cleaner.
- Float Equipment: Reamer Shoe Single/Double Valve, Guide Shoe, Float Shoe Single/Double Valve, Float Collar Single/Double Valve, Stab-in Float Shoe w/o Latch in Profile, Stab-in Float Collar w/o Latch in Profile, Up Jet/Side Jet/Down Jet Float Shoe.
- Differential Fill Up: Differential Fill-up Float Shoe, Differential Fill-up Float Collar.
- Auto Fill Up: Auto Fill-up Float Shoe Conventional/non rotating, Auto Fill-up Float Collar Conventional/non rotating.
- Stage Cementing Tools: Mechanical Stage Cementing Tools, Hydraulic Stage Cementing Tools.
- Landing Collar: Hydraulic Landing Collar, Bullet Nose/Eccentric Nose Float Shoe.
- Cementing Plugs: Cementing Plug Rotating, Cementing Plug Non Rotating, Combination Cementing Plug, Conventional Aluminum Insert Cementing Plug, Cementing Head Single/Double Plug Head, Bridge Plug/Cement Retainer.

Filtration Services

05. Filtration Services

PVD Well Services’ Filtration service can help to optimize completion-fluid purification, operational efficiency, and overall well performance. We carefully select filtration options specific to your well parameters to remove particulates while maintaining proper fluid density and rheology. From dual-pod filter units and individual filter cartridges to high-flow diatomaceous earth (DE) filtration and advanced Oil and Grease monitoring services, we help define innovative paths for maximum filtration and minimum formation plugging.

Wellbore Clean-Up Services

06. Wellbore Clean-Up Services

PVD Well Services provides Wellbore Clean-Up Tools which can be run individually or modularly as part of the Wellbore Clean-Up System. Each tool can be adapted to suit any casing size and drill pipe combination. Wellbore cleanup mechanical tools remove debris that interferes with normal operations without damaging the well structure. The Wellbore Clean-Up System help reduce mechanical risk, promote rig time savings and allow both technical and operational efficiencies. PVD Well Services offer reliable, engineered, and field-proven solutions for effective wellbore cleanup and debris management to ensure successful completion operations.

Expandable liner services

07. Expandable liner services

With Expandable Liner Services, PVD Well Services provides technical solutions for our customer who are Oil & Gas Companies to overcome troublesome formations, mitigate risks during their well operation, and archive significant cost savings compared to conventional well planning.

2019 marks the first time PVD Well Services has provided Expandable Liner Services which helped Rosneft continue their drilling operations and saved millions of USD.

Applications of Expandable Liner are as follows:

1. In open hole:

- Extend the casing shoe
- Isolate problem formations / zones
- Maximize ID for production /logging etc.
- Slim the wellbore
- Maximize ID in sidetracks
- Reach TD in the planned hole size

2. In cased hole:

- Repair damaged / corroded casing and production tubulars
- Re-line old wells
- Shut off old perforations
- Restore casing integrity