The fleet

The fleet


PV DRILLING I is a KFELS MOD V B class Jack-up capable of operating in water depths up to 300 feet. Top Drive NOV-TDS-8SA, 3,450 HP National Drawworks NOV/ADS-10T Automated Drawworks System, VFD, 14-P-220 Mud Pumps, Amphion Drilling System are used to obtain maximum drilling depth up to 25,000 feet.

Rig type: Independent leg, Cantilever, Jack-up.



Year built: 2007

Accommodation: 110 persons (Max)

Helideck: Sikorsky S-61N, S92 and MI-17 Max Drill Depth: 25,000 feet Max Water Depth: 300 feet

Currently, PV DRILLING I is continuously drilling for the next discovered oil & gas field named Ca Ngu Vang

General Description
Rig name/ Type PV DRILLING I/ Independent legs, Cantilever, Jack-Up
Built/year KFELS Singapore/2007
Classification ABS/A1 Self- Elevating Drilling Unit
Overall Dimension 234 ft × 208 ft × 25.5 ft
Legs Three legs 437 ft
Cantilever capacitiy Max.distance from rear of barge to center line of well 70ft.
Well pattern retangular 30ft × 70ft.
Load rating drilling condition 1500 kips @ 70ft on center line
Helideck 83ft × 83ft, at least of 13 MT take of weight / 504.45sq.m
Sikorsky S-61N, S92 and MI-17
Water depth 300ft
Accommodation 12 persons
Max drill depth 25,000ft
Operating conditions Max wave height 36ft, corresponding wave period 8.7 sec.
Current at surface 4.0 Knot, max wind speed 70 Knot.
Current at 164ft below surface & mud line 2.33 Knot.
Storm conditions Max wave height 48ft, corresponding wave period 8.7 sec.
Current at surface 4 Knot, max wind speed 70 Knot.
Current at 164ft below surface & mud line 2.4 Knot.
Drilling Equipment
Derrick MH- Pyramid/ API STD 4F-Q1, 170ft clear height
Static hook load capacity 758 MT w/12 lines, 1,300,000 lbs
With of base 36ft × 36ft; With of top 16ft × 16ft
Racking platform 200 stands of 5 ½’’ DP, 9 stands of 8’’ DC, 10 stands of 9 1/2’’ DC
Drawwork 3450HP (NOV/ADS-10T Automated Drawwork System)
Driven by 03 GEB-22A-2 high torque motors, 1150HP for ea. C/w 100% Dynamic braking System.
Top drive NOV/TDS-8SA-750 T 63,000 ft-lbs continuous.
Make-up: 95,000 lbs/ft
Break out: 103,000 lbs/ft
Rotary table NOV 49 ½’’ AC Rotary table part No. D-495.
Rated Capacity 850 ST, driven by an independent electric motor
1150Hp @ continuous rating@ 5 RPM and 1400 Hp @ intermittent rating
Iron roughneck NOV/ AR3200M-Power Turnable. Max make-up: 100,000 ft-lbs,
Max break-out: 120,000 ft-lbs, (DP/DC from 2 7/8’’ to 9 ¾’’ OD)
Mud pumps Three NOV/14-P-220, 2200 HP triplex pumps, ea driven by two motor GEB, 1150HP. Rated @ 7500 Psi WP
Solid control Shale shaker: 4 NOV/Brandt-VSM300.
Dessander NOV/ Brandt-P10C03VB10’’, Desilter NOV/Brandt- SE-16
Degasser NOV/Brandt-DG-10.
BOP’s stack 21 ¼’’ stack 2000 psi CAMERON; one 2000 psi annular + one 2000 double ram BOP + one 2000 psi single ram BOP.
13 5/8’’ stack 10000 CAMERON one 10000 annular + one 10000 double ram BOP + 10 single ram.
H2S service c/w two hydraulic valves.
Diverter system CAMERON 500 psi, type 29 ½’’ annual BOP
Two 12 ½’’ discharge lines and two 14’’ 300#RTJ ball valves
14’’ OD-SCH 80 Pipe- ID 12 ½’’ running from diverter to starboard & port sides.
Control system CAMERON hydraulic BOP control unit.
24 bottles × 11 gallons- Pneuumatic Accumulator
Choke and Kill 3 1/16’’ × 15000, H2S service w/ 2ea Manual Adjustable Chokes and 2 ea × Power Chokes
Storage Capacities
Fuel 4,738 bbls
Drill water 5,000 bbls
Portable water 2,492 bbls
Active + Reserved 3333 bbls
liquid mud  
Brine storage 3,297 bbls
Base oil 670 bbls
Bulk Bentonite/ Barite 6000 ft3
Bulk cement 6000 ft3
Sack material 5,000 sx
Power Equipment
Diesel Engines 4 ea. Caterpillar-3516B DITA, 1717 KW
AC Generator 4ea. ABB/AMG560S4DBABC,2000KW
Emergency engine Caterpillar 3508B DITA, 865 BKW
Emergency generator SR 4B-800 KW
Capacity main hookload 110,250 lbs @30ft and 23,000 lbs @124 ft.
Capacity whip line 20,050 lbs @ 125 ft and 18,000 lbs @132 ft.
Working radius 23.31 ft to 132 ft
Hoisting speed Max: 2 m/s. 3 ea hydraulic – electric × 50 MT ( King Post crane/ 48 DNS- 120 HD-2.25)
Jack-up Specifications
Legs Triangular Shape Lattice with 3 corner members
Leg Spacing Transverse 142ft, Longitudinal 129 ft
Spuds Cans Octagon shape with hard points
Spud can area 42.2 ft Diameter × 19 ft high
Jacking system Rack and Pinion, OTD, 12 Pinions per leg, total of 36 pinions,
capacity pinion jacking 800 kips ( normal jacking)
1,040 kips (preload jacking); 1,480 kips ( max. normal holding load)
Jacking speed up 1.50 ft/min, Jacking speed down 1.50 ft/min
Mooring Equipment
Winches Electric motor 2 speeds(w/rated speed: 735/1640rpm).
Four ea Plimsoll Corporation/ PC-EMW/SD-40/100. AC electric motor.
Anchors Four DANFORTH/PLIMSOLL type “ FLIPPER’ Delta Anchors, Weight 6.9 MT
Anchor lines Four length, IWRC RHOL –Galvanized Lubricated. Length 800 m, dimater 44.45mm.